Permian Energy Dialogues

Energy Dialogues LLC will host the 2nd annual Permian Energy Dialogues, a leadership summit in Midland, TX in 2022.
Permian Energy Dialogues

The purpose of the dialogue is to bring together various perspectives from the energy sector, policymakers, think tanks, academia, community, environmental groups and other key stakeholders for constructive debate and formation of solutions around challenges and priorities in the region. 

What makes the Permian Energy Dialogues unique?

  • A curated and balanced group of participants that engage in constructive debate and exchange of perspectives
  • Active engagement in the dialogue by all attendees
  • Follow-up with actionable items stemming from the discussions and exchanges during the PED
  • Chatham House Rule to allow for open discussion around priorities and challenges
  • A holistic topical focus on what it will take to make the Permian basin a sustainable model for industry, community, environment and economy

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