North American Gas Forum 2022 Poll 

North American Gas Forum 2022 Poll 

During the 2022 North American Gas Forum, we polled our attendees on expectations in 2023 and varying pressures ahead. Check out the results below:

 On October 24-25, 2022, executives from across the natural gas value chain descended on DC for our annual NAGF conference. Despite the pressures and concerns regarding the economy and activities overseas, the overall sentiments were positive and forward thinking. We polled attendees for their views on some of the many pressures facing the industry in 2023. A few key trends emerged, including:

  • Russian war on Ukraine looms as largest impact on gas prices - Despite Europe's supply issues prior to Russia's invasion, the conflict was the number one answer when respondents were asked what issue will affect gas prices most in 2023.
  • Optimism reigns on U.S. approving more LNG exports in 2023 – Almost 60% of our audience fully expects the U.S. to approve additional LNG export projects, though permitting was widely discussed as the bigger elephant in the room. As for Canada, only 22% of attendees thought that the country might approve LNG exports in 2023.
  • Shale gas proves just how cyclical the industry is – A whopping 75% of attendees anticipate shale gas production increasing in the U.S. in the coming year. How quickly and whether transportation project approvals will keep pace was the next pressing question in attendees’ minds.
  • Widespread agreement, though split, on political pressures – When asked whether energy issues are too politicized, a resounding 97% of respondents replied in the affirmative. However, when asked whether the mid-term election results would influence the export of gas or inflation, attendees notably split evenly between the affirmative, negative and neutral responses.
  • Is reporting making an impact? – Well over half of attendees believe ESG reporting frameworks, like that Carbon Disclosure Project [HYPERLINK], have brought additional transparency and accountability to the table. Whether the industry appreciates that transparency is a question for next year.
  • Split views on the price of carbon – The audience remained mixed on whether pricing carbon is the way to go. More than 73% of the respondents support a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system, while the remainder suggested there should not be a price on carbon.
  • Majority support the Paris Agreement – When asked whether respondents support the U.N. Paris Agreement, approximately 56% of attendees support the accord, while others did not (25%) or were not sure (18%).
  • Net zero and ESG mandates – More than half of respondents confirmed their companies have formal net zero targets and/or an ESG mandate tied to their operations or investments. Though these answers were not surprising, we did find it curious that approximately 10% were not sure whether their company had either one.
  • Energy technology is alive and well – More than 50% of attendees think there are existing technologies that can effectively address carbon, and more than 60% of respondents’ companies are involved in a hydrogen and/or carbon sequestration and utilization-related project or initiative.


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