2021 Hydrogen Energy Dialogues - Academic Report

2021 Hydrogen Energy Dialogues - Academic Report

Energy Dialogues, LLC, in collaboration with academic partner Stanford's Natural Gas Initiative with the support of corporate partner Chart Industries and legal partner Baker Botts, proudly presented on June 16, 2021, the virtual Hydrogen Energy Dialogues.

The City Series consists of exclusive one-day events that bring together an important group of key decision-makers, thought leaders and influencers from across the value chain. This initiative is by invitation only, yet aims to be inclusive, always welcoming diverse viewpoints from participants within and outside the industry. 

Topics Included:

  • Hydrogen as a Key Building Block in the Energy Ecosystem
  • The Hydrogen Opportunity: Perspectives of Developers, Users and Investors
  • Technology Innovations – what breakthrough technologies and solutions will be needed for hydrogen to reach its full potential?
  • Drivers and Limitations to Building a Hydrogen Economy – where will investment come from? (What are lessons learned from hydrogen deployment in other parts of the world?) What will be most commercially viable applications for hydrogen?
  • What Will the Hydrogen Infrastructure of the Future Look Like?
  • Natural Gas & Hydrogen: Collaborators or Competitors?